Music videos

How does everything start?

It starts with the listening to your song. You send us the song (not necessarily in the final form), we discuss your wishes with you and start creating an idea.

How are ideas drawn?

Your song dictates a certain style and the positioning of the Artist. In order for your video to “shoot” – we track the latest trends in the world of fashion, photos, clip arts, music videos, commercials. All this is compiled, the preferences of the target audience, what the viewer likes now, are analyzed – and then you get fresh, interesting, relevant ideas that work for you!

How is the budget formed?

The cost depends on a large number of factors that can be divided into two categories:

  • The rent and manufacturing (equipment, locations, transport, costumes, scenery, background’s requisite)
  • Paying the fees

In the case of location shooting an expense item, such as a transfer is added. It includes tickets, daily allowance, hotels, visas etc.

You receive an estimate before the start of the cooperation, where everything is described in details and counted. We agree and approve everything in advance.

How does the team gather?

The core of our film crew is creative, talented professionals who are selected for a specific concept. We work with the best stylists, operators, artists.

How does the filming process take place?

The filming process with us is always interesting and passes in one breath. We understand that the artist has a hard workload, so we try to provide the comfort on the set, so that he/she enjoys shooting and does not think about unnecessary trifles.

When can I get a finished video?

The production of the video takes about a month. About 10 days are required for preparation, a day or two for shooting, and 2-3 weeks for editing, beauty post, color correction. If the 3D graphics is used in the video, the required time for post-production increases. Depending on the complexity, it may take longer preparation with rehearsals of dances or stunts – but in any case, we always adhere to the agreed terms.
For 15 years of work in the show business market of the CIS – we have developed, in our opinion, the most optimal algorithms for making music videos, so that our customers are always happy!



One of the most important factors of successful advertising is a bright, rich, rich, attractive picture, from which the viewer will not be able to come off, where each frame is thought out and verified. The picture, which by its design will stand out from the rest of the video stream going on TV. In advertising, as in the video, the atmosphere is important, which involves the viewer and causes the desired emotion.

We believe that the clip maker can cope with this task, because in clips we also work on the style and design of each frame.

We shot several bright commercial videos for such companies as: large Ukrainian mobile operator — Kyivstar, one of the leading medical clinics of Ukraine — Boris, Ministry of tourism of Jordan, popular money transfer of the CIS — Zolotaya Korona.

Will gladly work with You to develop a treatment and are confident that we can meet any of Your requests regarding shooting a commercial!